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Service is King! Have you ever gone to a store and had a bad experience? We all have! This experience, however, doesn’t stop you from shopping. Chiropractors are much the same. They have different styles and flavors, tell Dr. Ashley about your previous experiences; good or bad. She will make sure you get the best experience possible!

Our first step is to take you through a comprehensive initial visit process, complete with thorough testing to understand your concerns. Then, Dr. Ashley will sit down with you and discuss your findings and give you your unique care plan to help you reach your goals!

We’ll talk next about adjusting you. We use many techniques to do so, including manual and instrument-based methods:

·         Arthrostim

·         Activator Methods®

·         Diversified

·         Thompson Drop

·         Webster Technique


We adapt to your needs, making sure you’re comfortable and relaxed.

Dr. Ashley Wilcoxson

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