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Connected Kids


Little ones and Tots


Birth is the first traumatic experience in life! It’s easy to think about how hard a labor, even a “natural” labor/birth, is on mother. It’s harder to think about what that birthing experience is on a little baby. The push and pull of a natural labor, to C-Sections, to emergency births can leave your baby’s nervous system subluxated, that is why we at PCC want to get every baby checked after birth. To ensure they can start their life off strong and free!


After birth, the first few years of life are crucial to a child’s lifelong growth and development. How we support our children during these years determines their expression of health and well-being throughout their entire lives. Chiropractic care will allow all the essential neuro-development to happen free from interference and to its fullest potential. Since a child’s nervous system develops so quickly, it is important for our little ones to get checked early in life, Dr. Ashley is trained to assess if your child is functioning to their potential.


Big Kids


The world of our children has changed so dramatically in recent years. They must grow up faster, have higher demands put on them in school, and endless extracurricular activities. There isn’t much time anymore for a kid to just be a kid. At Perfect Circle Chiropractic, we will make sure that the thing keeping your child excelling, their nervous system, is running at its best.

We welcome the chance to be apart of your tribe to help your little ones become big kids and then become thriving young adults!


Kids of all ages who have balanced nervous systems experience:


  • Better sleep

  • Diminished allergies

  • Elevated mood

  • Enhanced performance

  • Improvement in behavioral issues

  • Increased Connection

  • Less asthma

  • More calmness

  • Advancement in school

  • Easier bowel movements

  • Less ear infections

  • Reaching milestones

  • Decreased colic

  • Increased immune system

What does the new patient process involve?


Although it is much the same as it is for any other practice member, the consultation is tailor to superficially dig into issue unique to children.

How do you adjust children?

We make sure that each visit is a fun one for your child. We will work at the pace of your child. Pediatric adjustments are specific and gentle. When you touch your eye, that’s about the same amount of pressure it takes to adjust a baby or toddler.

What if a child feels nervous about seeing a chiropractor?

If your child is nervous or uncomfortable, we won’t force it. We are about making health fun. We will create a trust with your child and work through all concerns they might have.

We’re happy to see emergency cases and accept walk-ins. Contact us today to find out more about family health chiropractic care!

Give your child the best start in life...

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