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The BEST 2 programs to get better POSTURE!

Hey guys! I wanted to talk to you about posture and the programs I use in the office that I have found to be very helpful. We use these in the office and at home to work on your posture. The first program I use is called spinal Hygiene. It was created by Dr. Tabor Smith. Just like you do with dental hygiene, you brush your teeth every day, you should be taking care of your spine every day. There's four parts to it. You have your range of motion exercises, you have your Thera-Band exercises, your wobble disc exercises, and your spinal molding. These are be doing the types of things you can do everyday, just like you brush your teeth. It helps prevent against degeneration. Spinal Degeneration is becoming an epidemic and it's leading to poor health and poor posture and all sorts of other things.

Even children as young as 10 year old are showing spinal degeneration. It's not just an "old person's" disease anymore. Kids are getting it now. This is one way I help empower you to take care of your posture.

Another program we use in the office is posture archetypes. There's a website I give you, do 20 question assessment to see which archetype you are. We base a whole program off this because it really goes with how your body mechanics are, what your job is, what kind of motions you do all day long. There are 4 types of archetypes: Ergo, Structural, Dynamic, and Neuro. You receive a booklet filled with exercises you can do based on the pillars of proper posture. These are the programs that I use, spinal hygiene and posture archetype by the American posture Institute.

Along with the program we also have spinal posture kits. In the posture kits, you get your own Thera-Band, spinal molding roll, wobble dics, and your personal exercise program. I hope that helps you guys. If you have any questions, feel free to email or call and I will try to answer them. Have a great day!

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