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Answers for Ear Infections

Our ears work hard for us everyday. But when they are prone to ear infections it can make interacting with the world around us very difficult.

A 9 year old boy had been experiencing ear infections since he was 2, with these infections came; pain, hearing loss, difficulty sleeping , fevers, missed school, and difficulty in social interactions. Not only did he struggle with many symptoms, but he was also experiencing them often.

He had been treated with multiple rounds of antibiotics, butterfly implants multiple times (which all were rejected), and the removal of his adenoids. His medical doctor recommended inserting a 4th set of tubes into the boy's ear!

For this family it was time to seek a different option, they took him to be examined by a chiropractor who found multiple areas of vertebral subluxation. After 8 weeks of care, the boy saw significant improvement in the pain from his ear infections.

Like so often, with improvement in symptoms, the boys family discontinued care but resumed again 16 months later when the symptoms continued and worsened. With continuing corrective care, he not only saw a resolution of the ear infections, but his hearing improved, and he no longer needed a 4th set of tubes!

Chiropractic care helped correct the root cause rather than merely treating the symptoms and provided the body with the ability to function at its best.

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