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Are your kids sleeping?

Sleep is essential for our bodies. It's when our body rests, repairs, and heals. Sleep troubles is one of the most common factors that impacts overall health and functioning. Our sleep can be affected by so many things: nightmares, snoring, sleepwalking/talking, electronics, school stress, and affective disorders.

At any age sleep problems in our children can really strain their bodies and well as the family dynamic. Everyone needs their sleep. There's been a study that shows adolescent sleep problems are linked to prenatal and early-life factors. Our health decisions for our babies can impact their lives later, even their sleep!

If your child isn't getting the amount of sleep recommended for their age, or if your child is struggling with sleeping a full nights

sleep, there are answers. Give us a call, 479-715-3265 and lets find out what is stopping your child from a peaceful night of sleep.

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