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Environment for Healing

The time the healing process takes can be stressful, and if an injury does not heal correctly, it can be worse. However, healing doesn’t always have to be difficult and stressful. If you have already created the proper environment for healing, you've given your body the best chance of healthy correctly. Patience and care are key components of the healing process, and chiropractic care can help provide the space necessary for healing.

Here's an example of what can happen...

A 62-year-old woman came to chiropractic care with concerns that recent metatarsal (bones in the foot) fractures had never completely healed. Multiple metatarsal fractures can result in slower walking. The woman had used the healing method of non-weighted casts for periods of time. She presented for chiropractic care with an abnormal gait due to her level of pain. After 11 chiropractic visits, her step length, preferred walking speed, cadence, and single support time all increased!

Her body was functioning free of interference (subluxation) and was, therefore, healing itself optimally and improving in overall function! It's all about function.

Allowing her body the space and full care it needed to heal finally gave the woman true healing from her fractures. While the woman’s foot fractures weren’t necessarily “healed” by chiropractic care, when her body was optimized for wellness and healing, it helped her function, heal, and move better!

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