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From Breech to Vertex!

This is a great story about how chiropractic care was a crucial element for a 33- year old woman who found that her baby moved into a better position for delivery when she was 29 weeks pregnant! When it comes to birth, vertex positioning is ideal; the head of the baby is down in a pelvic canal with the occiput anterior. in this case study, the baby was in a frank breech position (when the feet or buttock appear first), which was confirmed via ultrasound with her OBGYN at the start of her chiropractic care. this meant that medical intervention o her birth process, such as a c-section, was likely. Over the course of 9 weeks, the patient was adjusted and analyzed under chiropractic care. After 9 weeks, her obstetrician confirmed that baby had moved to a vertex position!

At 32 - weeks, 7% of all fetuses are in a breech fetal position, which indicates a multitude of births that may need medical intervention at birth. Chiropractic care helps achieve optimal bio-mechanics and nerve activity of the low back and pelvis to allow for easier birth and delivery. The body can accomplish amazing feats when we provide the right tools and care. It's commonly said that you get what you give in life. The same holds true for our health!

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