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Hypertension and Chiropractic care????

Chiropractic care is a growing field. With more and more research into chiropractic care, more information about how chiropractic care can help the human body is available! Woohoo!

Yes, most people still think only back pain and issues when thinking about chiropractic. But it can help with concussions, digestion, fertility, pregnancy, allergies, autism, ADHD, limb pain and so much more through neurologically-based approach. Specifically, information regarding hypertension mortality has recently been looked at.

A recent study provided evidence that a reduction in blood pressure following chiropractic care assists patients with hypertension. This fact is so impactful that researchers have noticed that in areas with more chiropractors, and therefore more of the population under chiropractic care, it seems that those with hypertension live longer! Chiropractic care gives people their best chance when their bodies are functioning at optimal health and the human body deserves to have that function restored and working at 100%!

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