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Muscle Strength After Stroke

Strokes can be scary. When a stroke happens, it's hard to know exactly how the body will be affected. Recovery from a stroke can vary from person-to-person and can be a long process. It can cause damage to muscle strength, memory, the brain in general, and interrupt our quality of life. You can be left feeling powerless, helpless, and overwhelmed after a stroke. A smooth and speedy recovery can mean reclaiming their lives faster.

A recent study found that chiropractic care has the potential to assist those who suffer a stroke in their recovery process. Chiropractic adjustments allow greater communication of the nervous system with the musculature, controlling things such as grip strength, which is an incredible asset when facing such a difficult health issue. Adjustments also help improve the function of the nervous system, including improved elbow joint position sense and better activation of abdominal core muscles. A fully functioning nervous system means an overall better functioning body!

It has been shown that even just one adjustment could change the strength of the musculature dictated by the nerves. Brain stimulation is important for stroke patients due to the challenges this presents to the brain. Adjustments offer an opportunity for the brain to rejuvenate and restore!

Getting your life back on track after a stroke can feel impossible. The body has been through a lot, and it requires a lot energy to heal itself. Wouldn't you want to make the healing process as easy on your body as possible?

Chiropractic care works to help reduce the implications of a stroke and helps patients reclaim their lives!

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