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No Matter the Symptom

Lets take a minute and talk about quality of life.

We get so wrapped up in our day to day activities, we forget to make sure our life is worth living. I know from personal experience I use to just hope for the next day to come so that life to get better. "If I can just get through this day, tomorrow will be worth it." Always wishing my days away. But, honestly, is it ever? Not unless we take control of our lives and invest in ourselves. It's time to invest in yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Today, I'd like to talk about the physical aspect of you. Ideally, if you take care of yourself before hand you will not have to live a life full of debilitating pain. Unfortunately as women, most of us put ourselves last. We put our significant others first, our kids, our jobs, our families, and even our pets first. We put everything and everyone we care about before our self until we can't function anymore. We do this until we are facing chronic pain, diseases, and illnesses, that make maintaining a high quality of life can feel next to impossible. No matter where you are on that spectrum of health and taking care of yourself, the best day to start taking care of your self is today. We owe it to ourselves to take god care of our body so that we can live the best quality of life possible.

Here's one woman story... This woman was twice diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma by the age of only 24. She was also experiencing severe low back pain, neck pain, mild anxiety, stress, tension, and a significantly decreased quality of sleep. She constantly struggled sleeping through the night. She decided, even with facing all these obstacles and waiting for a kidney transplant she would take control of some aspect of her life. She decided to seek more comfort and ways to increase her overall quality of life as much as possible while battling stage IV renal cell carcinoma. (What an amazing spirit.)

After specific, chiropractic care she stated that her pain was completely gone and at the 5 week re-evaluation it still hadn't returned! With continued care, she indicated that she had no disturbances while sleep! Yes, she still had other health concerns to face, she was able to regain some sense of control over her health and was able to enjoy her life again! That what this is all about. Loving Life Again.

It's time for you to get off the side lines of your own life and invest in you!

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