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Toe Walking

Babies and infants are constantly growing and learning. If you think about it, they have such a short amount time in which, they must learn to eat, sleep, walk, and interact with the world around them. Sometimes babies can struggle and need help to get on the right path to becoming healthy adults.

One thing that is common that little ones need help with, is toe walking. Here's a great story about a 15 month old who was struggling with eating and toe-walking.

The little girl's mom reports that she started walking between 12-13 months of age, since then she had been toe walking and never walked heel to toe. At 3 months old, she refused to bottle feed or to be nursed, and the mother would have to spoon feed her milk. When she moved to solid foods, her mother would have to distract her while eating.

Her mother brought her in for chiropractic care, and during the 5th visit it was reported that she had not been toe walking since the last visit! She was also showing an increased interest in food and eating. The little girl is still continuing with chiropractic care on a wellness basis and has not reverted back to toe walking.

Remember, when the body functions at its best internally, it can perform at its best. Keeping children and infants on the path to living at their best is extremely important, as it sets them up to be healthy during childhood and adulthood! Let's get your kids checked today, 479-715-3265

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