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Why can't eating right be easy?!?! It can

The other day while I was scrolling through FB, I saw a video post on how a mom gets her child to eat healthy... Here's a picture of part of that video. Who has the time to go through this to get their child to eat right. Is this what it has come to?

When did it become so difficult to eat right?!? Everyday, we are bombarded with millions of articles, pictures, social media posts like this one, in an attempt to educate people about how to eat the right way and how to get your kids to. Trying to sift through all this information to find that golden nugget is overwhelming!

Too many busy super moms are trying to find that magic bullet to fix their and their families eating problems. Tt's stressing them out.

So, what do you do when you find yourself standing in the food store staring at the plethora of "healthy" food?

Stop stressing yourself out so much, here's the secret to eating... KEEP IT SIMPLE.

The basics is all you really need to master, and so few ever do. All the temptations and fad diets floating around, makes it feel impossible to stay way from that snack drawer. But, once you start eating to live instead of living to eat you will find it easier and easier to eat the way your body was designed to.

Here are a couple of ways to to keep it simple.

1. Shop on the outside of the grocery store. You want foods that look similar to what they started out as. When you are about to eat or drink something, stop and ask yourself whether or not it started out looking like that. For example, fruit versus fruit snacks. Have you ever looked at the ingredients in fruit snacks?? Crazy! Why not just eat the fruit.

2. Recently I've teamed up with a company called Simply Done. They provide meals for families that are nutritious and fun. This is the best way I have found to feed my family on the go with out constantly eating out. We love it!

If this post has got you thinking, let us be your eating coach. We can help guide you through all the craziness that comes to eating.

Are you ready to learn more about how to feed your family? Call us today for a consultation 479-715-3265.

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